DL310 Series Servo Drives

DL310 series low-voltage servo system is a brand new product based on low-voltage power supply and mobile environment meticulously to help equipment manufacturing industry develop towards miniaturization, intelligence and network. DL310 adopts integrated structure design, small size, light weight, rich functions and powerful performance. DL310 input voltage 20V~60V, with high response, high precision, smooth rotation, torque stability of the excellent performance. It is widely used in all kinds of service for robot, AGV trolley, cross belt sorting line, shuttle vehicle and other logistics handling sorting system, motion simulation, medical equipment, instrumentation, light textile, mobile inkjet painting and other fields with high requirements on voltage and installation volume.

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Support external pulse, internal 128 segments positioning, tie-in electronic gear and filtering; Support speed observ...

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DL310 Series Servo Drive Manual


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